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The Ins and Outs of Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Treatment

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March 20, 2023
AKJ Clinic Team
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Getting a tattoo removed is an option if you no longer want it. Tattoos may fade gradually with the use of laser treatment, which is both safe and effective. The removal of undesired tattoos by laser is a quick and easy outpatient operation. After each treatment, you must take special care of your sensitive skin to reduce the risk of adverse effects and maximise the effectiveness of the procedure. If you're looking for the best laser tattoo removal centre in Chennai, then AKJ Skin and Laser Center is the place to go.

What is the procedure for laser tattoo removal?

Before beginning the procedure, the region to be treated is numbed. Next, the laser applicator will be run over the skin in which the tattoo is located. The ink is heated and dissolved by the laser, which emits pulsing energy.

Following then, the particles are drained out of the skin surface during the subsequent weeks. In order to keep the treated skin in good condition, the surgeon will apply bandages once the procedure is complete. In the next few weeks, as new skin develops, your skin should start to look more uniform and natural.

Post-Laser Skin Care After Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal treatment may need more than one session. After the completion of therapy, the patient should follow the aftercare instructions in order to speed up their recovery. It's also reasonable to anticipate experiencing some pain or discomfort while you heal.

1. Use an antibiotic ointment

During the next three days, make sure your tattoo is protected with a bandage and apply the ointment three times a day. In doing so, you prevent further infection to your already weakened skin. After three days, you must take off the bandage and let the skin breathe. The laser-exposed region will recover and dry out in the air before your next treatment.

2. Avoid picking the crusts or blisters

Scabs, blisters, and crusts may appear following laser tattoo removal. DO NOT pick or touch them. Scarring is strongly related to how often a person picks at their skin. Wait for the crusts and scabs to come off on their own while your skin heals. If you peel off a scab before it is ready to be peeled off, you risk infection, scarring, and even skin discoloration.

3. Use vitamin E cream

After three days, you may remove the bandage. But it's important to keep the wound clean and dry. Moisturise the area with hydrocortisone cream, Vaseline, or Aquaphor as it heals. Ointment containing vitamin E, which aids in the repair of skin cells, is highly recommended. If you're concerned about scarring, your doctor or a skin care specialist may recommend a vitamin E ointment.

4. Use a sunscreen

Protect your skin from the sun while it heals. Use a sunscreen on the treated area for at least three months following each session. Avoid putting anything on the healing skin that might cause irritation, including makeup. Fragrant lotions are sometimes too harsh for skin that is trying to recover. Also, you should always use a high-SPF (at least 25) sunscreen while venturing outside.

5. Spray with water

When the bandage has been removed, the affected region can be cleaned by showering the area and washing it. High-pressure water should be avoided. With a mild soap and a soft towel, carefully clean the area. Do not soak the region in water until it has fully healed. Stay out of the water as much as possible, including pools, hot tubs, and baths.

6. Use an ice pack

Using an ice pack for 5-10 minutes every hour after getting a tattoo removed might help reduce any swelling or pain you may be feeling. If you're suffering any pain following your tattoo removal treatment beyond what's been described above, including moderate bruising or tingling sensations like sunburn, you should contact your clinic or a doctor right away.

Laser Tattoo Removal: What to Expect Throughout the Healing Process

After the treatment:

A frosting-like white appearance can be seen on your skin. It is quite normal. Carbon dioxide is produced during laser penetration and settles on the skin's surface, giving it a white, frosted appearance.

During the healing process

The skin around your tattoo will be red and puffy. The sensation on your skin will be quite similar to that of a sunburn. Scabs and blisters may appear, but don't pick at them while they heal.

After few weeks

Your skin may start to peel and blister a few hours after treatment, and it may take anywhere from 3 to 14 days for these effects to go away completely. Your body is trying to repair itself rapidly, and one of the ways it does this is by losing the injured outer layer of skin.

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Immune System When Your Skin Heals

Immune system directly affects how quickly your skin recovers from injuries. A strong immune system aids in healing and protecting against illness. You may speed up your recovery by:

1. Hydrating thoroughly

One of the best ways to keep one's immune system in good shape is to drink enough water. It helps get rid of toxins and rebuild blood cells, both of which are important for avoiding infections.

2. Sleeping plenty

The immune system weakens from lack of sleep, leaving you more susceptible to illness. Hence, ensure that you get good rest and sleep.

3. Cutting down on alcohol

The healing process might be slowed by dehydration brought on by drinking too much alcohol. Stay away from alcohol as much as you can.

4. Consuming more immune-boosting foods

Beta-glucan, a kind of fibre found in oats and barley, has potent antioxidant capabilities and expedites wound healing. Vitamin E, found in abundance in almonds, is essential for strong immunity.

5. Stopping smoking

Smoking increases the effort required by the immune system to clear the body of noxious substances. Results are greater and fewer treatments are required for non-smokers.

6. Starting to exercise

Exercise enhances blood circulation. An influx of blood actually aids in the process of dissolving the ink particles that are buried deep in your skin. Exercising on a regular basis aids in the speedy recovery of damaged skin.

7. Keeping your appointment

The tattoo removal procedure will be delayed by missing appointments. Also, it's not a good idea to schedule sessions too close together.

8. Avoiding skin exposure

Keep the treated area away from direct sunlight after laser tattoo removal. You will need to wait until your sunburn heals before your next treatment. Not only sunburns hinder the healing process, but any abundance of tanning might have the same impact. If you go outside in the sun, protect your skin with sunscreen and use protective clothes or bandages.

There should be a minimum of six weeks between sessions to let your skin recover for your body to break down and clear out the ink particles.

AKJ Skin and Laser Centre Can Offer the Best Aftercare

While undergoing laser tattoo removal, your skin may need anywhere from four to eight weeks to fully recover and heal. The amount of time it takes for your skin to recover depends on how well you care for it throughout the healing period. Maintaining a healthy immune system, avoiding sun exposure, and letting scabs fall off on their own are a few things to take care of after therapy. Your ability to go back to normal depends on factors including how well you adhere to the aftercare plan.

Get the best laser tattoo removal aftercare treatment at AKJ Skin and Laser Centre! We have experienced professionals and the latest technology to ensure that your skin will look its best. Contact us today to book your appointment and start the journey to a new you!

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