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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

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AKJ Skin and Laser Centre’s PRP Hair Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection is a new hair treatment that uses your own blood platelets to reverse hair loss and promote new hair growth. PRP therapy is one of our most popular treatments done under the guidance of our experts, Dr. Selvam and Dr. Nirmala.
PRP is a popular therapy option because it is:
  • Quick and pain-free
  • Delivers good results
  • Safer and lesser chances of blood rejection, infection or allergies
  • Minimally invasive with almost no downtime
  • Reduces hair fall and promotes new hair growth

Using PRP in conjunction with a hair transplant will ensure faster healing and better growth, as the PRP aids in faster healing.

PRP Hair Treatment in AKJ Skin and Laser Centre

At AKJ Skin and Laser Centre, PRP therapy is done by our experts under sterile conditions. Here's how PRP hair treatment works at our centre:

Step 1

A small amount of blood will be drawn from your body, most likely about 30 to 45 minutes before the tart of the procedure.

Step 2

The blood is centrifuged to separate the PRP components of the blood, and the samples are stored in a sterile refrigerator under a specific temperature.

Step 3

The plasma is divided into platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma and red blood cells. In order to activate PRP, the growth factors are separated from the plasma and diluted.

Step 4

Our doctors will inject the plasma-rich serum into your scalp to stimulate the stem cells and promote new hair growth and better hair health. Depending on the response, the procedure is done once a month for 3 to 5 sessions.

At AKJ kin and Laser Centre, we offer two types of PRP programmes:

1. Activated PRP, where calcium is added to activate the release of growth factors from the platelets.

2. PRP with growth factor kit where pre-prepared growth factors are added to give enhanced results.

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Pre & Post Care for PRP Treatment

Pre Care
Post Care
Does PRP treatment require pre-therapy care? Yes, it does. Your doctor will ask you to:
Stop using blood thinners at least a week before treatment
Avoid smoking or drinking a week before your session
Use antibacterial shampoo to wash your head
Have a healthy breakfast on the day of treatment
PRP treatment has some specific post-treatment guidelines. You must follow them diligently to achieve optimum results. You should:
Avoid using hair gels, hair mousse, hairsprays and wax on your newly treated hair to avoid damaging it
Avoid shampooing it often or using hot curls and combs
Use only a gentle shampoo and conditioner
Not use heavily scented products to clean your hair

Before & After

Before After Before After
Before After Before After
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal candidate for Platelet-rich Plasma treatment?

PRP treatment is suitable only for persons with the following conditions:

  • Hair thinning or hair fall
  • Immunity-triggered hair loss or Alopecia Areata
  • Hard-set scars on the head.
  • Having active follicles to generate hair regrowth.
  • History of clotting disorders.
How many sessions of treatment will I require?

Generally, PRP treatment requires at least three to five sessions performed every once in four or six weeks. The number of sessions usually varies from person to person. After the treatment, you will need maintenance treatment once every year.

How successful is PRP treatment?

At AKJ Skin and Laser Centre , we have a 60-70% success rate with PRP treatment. The success also depends on the medication given along with the treatment.

How safe is PRP treatment?

To date, there haven’t been any complaints regarding the safety of PRP treatment. Since your own blood is used for the procedure, it does not cause any adverse reactions or infection transmissions. Moreover, the injections are only performed on the skin and not on the brain or skull.

Is PRP an alternative for hair transplant?

No, it is not. Both treatments are different. PRP helps prevent hair loss, whereas transplants replace lost hair in bald areas.

What are the side effects of PRP?

PRP is safe and has no adverse side effects. However, you may experience the following immediately post-treatment:

  • Heaviness on the scalp
  • Numbness
  • Tenderness or slight bruising
  • Swelling or redness of the scalp

These effects are only temporary and will subside within a few hours after the procedure.


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AKJ Skin and Laser Centre, India

  • Done laser hair treatment at AKJ clinic Tirunelvelli. Doctor and staff are so friendly and making you to feel so comfortable with all the procedures. It’s completely painless.As advised by doctor did 4 settings and it’s completely stopped. Will recommend this hospital for safe and friendly treatment. They’re doing other cosmetic services as well like skin lightening, cool tech etc…
    Sudharsana Parthasarathy
  • I'm happy to write this review that I have taken the PRP treatment in akj clinic done by Ms. Aishwarya for about 5 months..I had a great results that my hair problem has solved and also had a lot of improvement. Moreover they gave follow up and the way of approach is good towards the patient .
    Rajapeer Mohamed
  • Thank God to know this hospital. Seriously doing good job those doctor and employees. Well response people's and carrying nurses . Had some skin issues once visited there right now completely alright.... Also hair removal process really good .... I love AKJN skin and laser center.
    Athira Jv
  • I have taken the PRP treatment in akj clinic done by Mrs. Lakshmi..Results are awesome and moreover they gave follow up and the way of approach is good towards the patient . No delay to meet doctor for consultation for PRP patients
    Rajesh Swaminathan

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