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Mole Removal Treatment

Get Rid of Unwanted Moles with our Professional Mole Removal Treatment
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Advantages of Having a Mole Removal Treatment

Moles may be any shade from your original skin colour to pink, brown, or black, and they most often appear in children and teenagers. During the process to remove moles, a dermatologist will shave the mole before doing radiosurgery to eliminate it from the patient's skin.

The benefits are as follows:
  • The therapy of mole removal using radio wave technique is painless, safe, and results in reduced discomfort and swelling.
  • It is a non-invasive procedure that does not require piercing of any tissues, resulting in minimal to no blood loss.
  • This method allows for the removal of these tumours with minimum disruption to the surrounding tissue.
  • There is little recovery time associated with this surgery, so you may go back to your regular routine right away.
  • Radiosurgery is preferable to traditional surgery since it is less invasive and leaves no scars or discomfort in its wake.
  • With little to no recovery time required, you may go right back to your regular routine following this treatment.
  • The process of radiosurgery is much gentler, resulting in better outcomes with no irritation or scarring.

AKJ Skin and Laser Centre Mole Removal Treatment Procedure:

Mole radiosurgery is referred to as a non-invasive therapy since it does not involve any kind of knife or scalpel during the procedure. This treatment may be used for the purpose of treating blemishes and lesions. The first step in having your moles removed is to have them evaluated to see whether it is safe to do so. Our medical staff will look for moles that seem odd, and if there are any concerns, the appropriate tests will be carried out. Many unattractive growths may be eradicated with the use of radio wave technology, which ultimately results in smoother skin. Radiosurgery makes use of the most recent advancements in diathermy technology to 'shave' away the mole until the surface of the skin is unnoticeably smoothed out.

Radiosurgery is performed by directing ultra-high frequency radio waves at the affected area of the body using electrodes with specialised shapes. It's possible for them to take the form of tiny wire loops, needles, or even a scalpel blade. The water contained inside the mole's cells is evaporated as a result of the radio waves' heating impact, but the healthy skin that lies underneath the mole is mostly unaffected by the treatment.

Radiosurgery is a safe, precise therapy that may destroy targeted areas without harming healthy tissues. An injection of local anaesthetic is administered to numb the region. After the affected region has been rendered numb, the mole is just cut away so that it is in level with the surrounding skin.

In most cases, the skin around the mole dries out in approximately ten days, although the process may take as long as two weeks for very big moles. The extent of the healing process is determined by the size of the moles, veins, tag, or defect that was removed. After it has completely healed, the final look will be identical to the skin around it.

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Care Instructions After Mole Removal surgery

Wounds heal gradually, working their way to the skin's surface from the inside. In order to be ready for mole removal, you are not required to make any major adjustments to the way you live your life. Nevertheless, the best method to prevent complications is to follow the recommendations that your doctor gives you. It is essential to engage in some kind of aftercare in order to avoid scarring or infection.

After the surgery, you should continue to keep the region covered for a minimum of two days.
Clean the area carefully with soap and water.
It is advised that a dressing be kept over the wound, and it should be kept moist with moisturiser or similar ointment, as instructed by the doctor.
If the wound is open, you shouldn't put anything on it that contains alcohol, peroxide, soap, or anything else that might irritate it.
Keep the area around the wound clean, and do not miss on the follow-up visits that your doctor has set for you.

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  • Done laser hair treatment at AKJ clinic Tirunelvelli. Doctor and staff are so friendly and making you to feel so comfortable with all the procedures. It’s completely painless.As advised by doctor did 4 settings and it’s completely stopped. Will recommend this hospital for safe and friendly treatment. They’re doing other cosmetic services as well like skin lightening, cool tech etc…
    Sudharsana Parthasarathy
  • I'm happy to write this review that I have taken the PRP treatment in akj clinic done by Ms. Aishwarya for about 5 months..I had a great results that my hair problem has solved and also had a lot of improvement. Moreover they gave follow up and the way of approach is good towards the patient .
    Rajapeer Mohamed
  • Thank God to know this hospital. Seriously doing good job those doctor and employees. Well response people's and carrying nurses . Had some skin issues once visited there right now completely alright.... Also hair removal process really good .... I love AKJN skin and laser center.
    Athira Jv
  • I have taken the PRP treatment in akj clinic done by Mrs. Lakshmi..Results are awesome and moreover they gave follow up and the way of approach is good towards the patient . No delay to meet doctor for consultation for PRP patients
    Rajesh Swaminathan

Frequently Asked Questions

Are moles dangerous?
Most moles are harmless, but there are a few that do not look good or, in very rare cases, become cancerous. However, it is best to see a dermatologist if the moles become painful, itchy, bleed, or grow fast in size.
Is the procedure for removing moles, painful?
Once the mole is removed, you may continue to feel a stinging/burning sensation in the area for a few days. Since radiosurgery is non-invasive, it is safe. Besides, the doctor gives a local anaesthsia to numb the target area so that the patient experineces no pain during the procedure.
What will happen if the moles grow to be rather large?

Removal of big moles may need extensive surgery, and thereafter, sutures may be necessary to close the wound. In cases when a mole is big, flat, complex, or otherwise suspicious, surgical removal is often suggested. To do this, a scalpel is used to cut away all of the mole tissue, leaving just the skin tissue that is healthy and normal. In most cases, the incision will be closed with stitches after the surgery.

What are the potential dangers or difficulties associated with this procedure?

It is a process with minimal complications when a mole is removed by a dermatologist. However, just like any other surgery, there are certain potential dangers involved. Some of the following are potential dangers associated with mole removal procedures:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scars
  • Nerve injury
  • It's possible the mole will return (recur)
How long does it take to recover after Mole removal?

Healing duration varies depending on the patient’s general health and mole size. The recovery time after having a mole removed is typically about three weeks. You will be able to go about your regular routine throughout this period, perhaps with some discomfort. Follow your doctor's wound care instructions to aid healing and avoid infection.

When should I see a dermatologist after removing a mole?

Keep a watchful eye on the treated region after your mole removal surgery for any signs of infection or other complications. In case you see any of the following, it's time to see a dermatologist:

  • Persistent bleeding
  • Infection symptoms such as redness and pus.
  • After it heals, you don't like the way it appears.
  • If the mole grows again.

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