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Treatment for Skin Lesions!

Radiofrequency Energy For Removing Warts, Skin Tags, And Moles
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Benefits of Treatment for Skin Lesions

Is that wart on your face starting to bother you? Many unattractive growths, including moles and warts, can be eliminated with the help of radio wave technology, leaving you with refined skin! Currently, radio frequency has become a popular option for removing skin lesions.
Some of the many advantages of this treatment are:
  • Doesn't leave a scar
  • Zero damage to adjacent skin
  • Absolutely no blood loss
  • Rapid recovery with little to no discomfort
  • Less time spent in operation

How AKJ Skin and Laser Centre Treats Skin Lesions?

Spots on your skin develop from a condition called skin lesions. Moles, warts, and skin tags are all common types of these growths. While none of these issues presents any health risk, they certainly don't look attractive. The symptoms of all these skin conditions are often similar, making it hard to distinguish between them. Here at AKJ Skin and Laser Centre, we permanently diagnose and eliminate these skin lesions using cutting-edge radio wave tech.

Radiosurgery employs cutting-edge diathermy tech to "trim" away lesions on the skin's surface until they blend in completely. The radiofrequency energy used in this technique does not harm the healthy tissue, so there is no scarring. The AKJ Skin and Laser Centre medical staff will examine the lesions first to see if they are okay to be removed. AKJ Skin and Laser Centre offers treatment options for the following skin lesions.

Mole Removal

Radiosurgery is used to remove moles at AKJ Skin and Laser Centre. When moles stick out on your skin or have malignant potential, it is better to get them removed.

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Wart Removal

Removal of warts at AKJ Skin and Laser Centre is a simple procedure similar to mole removal. The infected tissue is eliminated via radio wave, and the spread of warts is stopped.

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Skin Tag Removal

Tags of skin, which are completely harmless, can be seen almost anywhere on the body but are most prevalent on the arms, neck and face. The clinical signs of skin tags allow us to correctly diagnose and treat skin problems at AKJ Skin and Laser Centre.

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Learn more about moles, skin tags, and wart removal using radio frequency!

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Pre Care
Post Care
Before beginning any treatment here at AKJ Skin and Laser Centre, we will review your medical history and address any concerns you may have. Before undergoing a radiofrequency surgical procedure, you must take a few precautions. They have been listed below:
Avoid excessive sun exposure for 14 days before the surgery.
We cannot treat a patient whose skin is red or irritated until the skin has fully healed.
Women who are pregnant or nursing should not undergo our treatments.
Tell us if you're taking any medications that thin your blood or skin.
RF treatment cannot be performed if metal implants are in the area. RF energy is attracted to the metal, causing the area to heat up and become uncomfortable.
After RF skin lesion treatment, there will be some swelling, bruising, and redness at the treatment site. The affected area will be sore and tender for a few days while it heals. For a speedy recovery, please adhere to the aftercare instructions outlined below.
When the wound starts hurting and turning red, it's time to see a doctor.
Use a mild cleanser to wash the face; scabs should fall off in a week or two;
Stayaway from the sun.
You must carefully nurture the treated area until its colour matches the surrounding skin.
Keep your hands off that spot as much as you can!
Keep the region clean and dry for at least three days after treatment.

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  • Done laser hair treatment at AKJ clinic Tirunelvelli. Doctor and staff are so friendly and making you to feel so comfortable with all the procedures. It’s completely painless.As advised by doctor did 4 settings and it’s completely stopped. Will recommend this hospital for safe and friendly treatment. They’re doing other cosmetic services as well like skin lightening, cool tech etc…
    Sudharsana Parthasarathy
  • I'm happy to write this review that I have taken the PRP treatment in akj clinic done by Ms. Aishwarya for about 5 months..I had a great results that my hair problem has solved and also had a lot of improvement. Moreover they gave follow up and the way of approach is good towards the patient .
    Rajapeer Mohamed
  • Thank God to know this hospital. Seriously doing good job those doctor and employees. Well response people's and carrying nurses . Had some skin issues once visited there right now completely alright.... Also hair removal process really good .... I love AKJN skin and laser center.
    Athira Jv
  • I have taken the PRP treatment in akj clinic done by Mrs. Lakshmi..Results are awesome and moreover they gave follow up and the way of approach is good towards the patient . No delay to meet doctor for consultation for PRP patients
    Rajesh Swaminathan

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to remove skin lesions using radiofrequency energy?

Radiotherapy, also known as radiofrequency treatment, is a non-invasive procedure that causes minimal discomfort and has a rapid recovery time. This treatment can be used at low temperatures and effectively seal skin tissue. It also aids in post-treatment pain prevention because the nerve endings are completely sealed.

Is the procedure painful?

A feeling of pulling or tugging may be experienced as the lesion or mole is removed. You won't have to worry about discomfort or difficulty enduring the procedure because we'll be using local anaesthesia.

What should I anticipate during the actual procedure?

The treated areas may be slightly tender, red, swollen, and swollen for a few days after the procedure. It's normal for the treated area to feel tender for a while; if it does, we'll put a protective dressing on it. Because of tissue coagulation, the risk of bleeding during or after this treatment is low. And recovery time is decreased.

When can I expect to see the result?

Wounds take 7-10 days to heal but typically only need to be dressed for the first two days. The effects are visible instantaneously.

Can you tell me about the potential side effects and precautions for this treatment?

A dot-like scar may result from radiofrequency skin surgery if the wart or lesion is too large and thick. A scar like this has the potential to become either hyper-pigmented, requiring additional treatment with ointment or cream or hypopigmented, lighter-than-normal spots.

Are skin lesions treatment permanent?

Treatment for skin lesions can have long-lasting effects, though it may take multiple visits to the clinic to see the final results the patient desires.


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