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Treatment for Skin Tags

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Advantages of Skin Tag Removal Procedure

Hanging skin of the same colour as the rest of the body is a symptom of skin tags. Unlike other skin issues, such as warts, skin tags pose no health risks and can be removed without discomfort. They can be found anywhere on the body, but the most common places are the groin, underarms, and neck. Many unwanted bumps on the skin can be eliminated with the help of radio wave technology, leaving behind a more desirable, even skin tone.

Here are some of the benefits of the skin tag removal procedure:
  • Radiofrequency (RF) treatment for skin tags is a non-surgical method that uses gentle radio waves to penetrate the skin and break up lesions.
  • There is a lower chance of infection and bleeding when using this technique.
  • This treatment has the additional benefit of being simple to perform and taking up less time in the operating room than alternative methods.
  • Considering the low risk of bleeding, this method can facilitate a speedy recovery.
  • The risks of using this method are minimal.

Methods Used in AKJ Skin and Laser Centre's Skin Tag Treatment

Moles, warts, skin tags, and other "lumps and bumps" can be removed with radiosurgery. Skin tags are harmless growths that protrude from the skin and are typically small, flesh-coloured, and soft. This method eliminates skin tags and other lumps rapidly with minimal scarring. The area around the wire electrode is the only cut area, while radio waves are used rather than a scalpel. This means that mole and tag removal, as well as seborrheic keratosis, veins on the face and capillary removal, and cherry angioma removal, can be performed without the need for sutures or scarring.

This procedure uses a tissue as a barrier against low-temperature, high-frequency radio waves. Tissue generates heat through resistance to the passage of high-frequency waves. Because the intracellular water is heated to temperatures well above its boiling point, the internal pressure of the tissue mass is increased. As the pressure inside the cell increases, the cell membranes rupture, resulting in a cutting action.

Without having to burn the tissue, as is typically necessary during such surgery, the heat generated by the evaporation of water in the subcellular tissue spreads, coagulating cellular proteins and resulting in haemostasis or the cessation of blood flow. Electrodes as varied as fine needles, wire loops, and scalpel blades are used to create a wide range of lesions. The site of the procedure is numbed with a local anaesthetic. The extent of scarring after skin tag removal is proportional to the size of the tag. Upon completion of the healing process, the final look will be identical to the surrounding skin.

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Care Before and After Laser Skin Tag Removal

Although moles and skin tags are typically harmless, it is essential to have them checked by a doctor to rule out cancer. If you want a swift recovery from the operation, make sure to follow the pre- and post-care instructions:
Pre Care
Post Care
The doctor will examine the skin tag to decide whether or not they can safely remove it.
Local anaesthesia may be used during the procedure to lessen any pain you might experience.
One of the most important things you can do to prevent skin tags is to keep your weight in check, as being overweight is a significant risk factor for developing them.
Maintaining healthy glucose and insulin levels can ward off future skin tag formation.
When possible, go without jewellery and rough clothing that could irritate skin tags.
Minor pain or discomfort is expected; however, some people may require medication. Before taking any pain medication, you should talk to your dermatologist.
To the extent possible, refrain from touching the area.
For the first two or three days after surgery, it's best to avoid getting any moisture in the area.
You should stay out of direct sunlight for at least a few days and away from dusty or sandy environments.
After changing the dressing, use the prescribed amount of silicone gel to treat the injury at least three times daily.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it risky to have a skin tag?
Having a skin tag is generally not serious. Even though skin tags are typically harmless, it is essential to have your doctor examine them to rule out cancer. Having moles as well as skin tags is common, but for some people, it can be a source of embarrassment. The appearance of a skin tag and the discomfort it can cause when wearing clothing are often disliked. Radiosurgery is a fantastic option to get rid of moles or skin tags.
When it comes to getting rid of skin tags, which method works best?
Regarding removing skin tags, radiosurgery is among the most effective options. This treatment for skin tags does not involve any incisions or pain. It removes moles and skin tags painlessly and without risk. With this skin tag removal method, the wand's tip emits a concentrated beam of radio waves that penetrate the targeted tissue.
Is everyone eligible for removal of skin tags?

Treatments for skin tags are available for anyone who has one. But since skin tags are typically harmless, there's no real need to have them removed. Procedures to remove skin tags are not advised for children younger than 8. If you're expecting a child, you should also avoid this treatment.

Does this procedure cause adverse effects?

When performed correctly, the removal of skin tags causes few complications. Minor bleeding can occur during the surgical removal of skin tags. Removal of skin tags by freezing or burning carries with it the possibility of skin discolouration and the need for additional treatments.

How long is the recovery period?
It takes about 2–3 weeks for the fresh wound left after removing a skin tag to stop hurting.
Does the treatment's effects last forever?
Removal of a skin tag is a treatment that lasts for good. This ensures that the skin tag cannot return after being surgically removed. But if you get new skin tags at the exact place after having one removed, you might just be predisposed to them.

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