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An Ultimate Guide to Non-invasive Body Shaping Treatment

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A woman getting non-invasive body sculpting treatment in a laser skin and hair care center.
May 15, 2023
AKJ Clinic Team
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Wish to get rid of the fat on your thighs, belly, and other areas? Body shaping techniques allow you to lose weight and inches rapidly without any risk. Body sculpting will help you make structural and cosmetic changes to your bodies. Body sculpting treatments provide individuals with the opportunity to attain structural and aesthetic body modifications. Numerous individuals who are not happy with their appearance go after medical interventions to attain a physique. 

Before considering surgical procedures for body contouring and modification, it is essential to understand how these procedures function and whether they are appropriate for your body type. However, with the development of non-surgical body sculpting techniques, an increasing number of people are opting for these alternatives because they produce successful outcomes without surgery. At AKJ Skin and Laser Centre, we specialise in offering the most effective non-invasive body shaping treatments, serving those who prefer non-invasive methods. This article explains the process of body sculpting as well as its many advantages.

Understanding Body Shaping Treatment & Its Transformative Power

Body shaping treatments can be done through non-invasive methods. In body sculpting, fat cells are killed using high heat, acid injections, or sonic vibrations so that the body can eliminate them more easily from specific areas. This cosmetic technique targets localized areas of fat storage, including the legs, arms, abdomen, back, and buttocks. Therefore, rather than considering this as a treatment for obesity, it is essential to remember that the procedure sculpts and contours the body once the desired weight has been reached.

Goals of body sculpting

Body sculpting is commonly done on the arms, stomach, back, neck, chin, thighs, and buttocks. The reason to sculpt the body is to target regions that can't be toned with only diet and exercise. For instance, even after successfully reaching one's target weight, some stubborn areas of fat may persist. They may also be left with sagging skin in places like the arms and stomach. After delivery, some women may experience weaker abdominal muscles. Such individuals can consider body shaping therapies to get back into shape.

An Overview of the Different Methods of Body Shaping Treatments

The best body contouring method for you depends on your current body type, aesthetic goals, and personal preferences. Whether you are looking for surgery or a non-surgical option, it can deliver natural and effective results in enhancing and improving your body shape. Owing to technological advancements, today's most advanced cosmetic clinics offer a range of body contouring treatments.


SmartLipo is a type of liposuction that uses heat to increase the effectiveness of the surgery. SmartLipo involves the use of a laser to liquefy fat cells, making them simpler to remove. The fat is then suctioned out of the body using a cannula.


Fat destruction through freezing is known as cryolipolysis. It is a technique used to sculpt areas that have not failed to get toned with exercise and nutrition. 

Injections of deoxycholic acid

Deoxycholic acid naturally occurs in the body that aids in the digestion of fat. This is injected with a syringe into target areas of the body to gain the desired shaping effects.

Fat-reduction lasers

Heat-based techniques can be used for body contouring. Laser fat reduction is one such technique that uses specific wavelengths to increase the temperature of the fat cells in order to get rid of it.

Learn the Advantages of Body Shaping Treatment Without Surgery

Weight loss is a difficult task. Since it is challenging to lose weight, there are a lot of books, diet plans and treatment options available. Here are some of the advantages you can expect to reap from undergoing customized body shaping and sculpting therapy.

Best & visible outcomes

Body shaping and contouring procedures aim to help patients achieve a healthy, beautiful appearance. That's why, unlike surgery, you won't have to stress over the side effects or complications. Multiple clinical trials have demonstrated that non-invasive body reshaping therapies are effective.

Quick & efficient

Non-invasive body contouring requires little time or effort on your part. Most procedures take little more than an hour. If you have a hectic lifestyle and don't have the time for a medical procedure, you'll be happy to hear this.


There's no denial in the fact that surgeries hurt. However, to your surprise, non-invasive body sculpting is painless and some even called the procedure as relaxing. You may send emails, take a nap or even relax with music while the procedure is being carried out. Furthermore, non-invasive body sculpting procedures are risk-free because they cause no discomfort or adverse reactions.

Comfortable & simple

If you believe that you need to undergo major surgery to tone and shape your bodies, you have to understand that it is not true. Non-invasive body sculpting techniques offer a healthier, more comfortable, and permanent remedy for getting rid of excess body fat. Sessions often run between a few minutes and an hour; however, this varies greatly from person to person. 


Time savings isn't the only benefit of a body sculpting treatment but it is also cost-effective. Non-surgical body sculpting treatments are more reasonably priced than body contouring surgery.

Wrap up

We recognise the importance of incorporating healthy habits into our daily existence in the contemporary world. However, despite rigorous exercise, there are times when stubborn fat deposits refuse to go away. At the AKJ Skin and Laser Centre in Chennai, our experts provide superior body shaping treatment that employs cutting-edge non-invasive technology to completely eliminate those stubborn fat deposits. Get in touch with our expert team to know more. 

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