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Laser Tattoo Removal: How the Procedure Works

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A dermatologist holds a laser device over the tattooed back of a girl to remove an unwanted tattoo in a laser skin and hair clinic.
March 5, 2023
AKJ Clinic Team
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Tattoos have been in style for ages, steadily gaining traction with every passing generation. Today, even young teens are not perturbed by the pain of getting a tattoo. Most often, people get tattooed in the spur of the moment and regret the decision later. It is said that at least 25% of those with tattoos prefer removing them permanently, which is highly possible, thanks to laser technology.

Can laser treatment completely remove the tattoo? How does this technology work? Is it painful? What are the side effects? Our blog holds all the answers to your questions about laser tattoo removal. Read on.

What Exactly is Laser Tattoo Removal?

We all know that lasers are high-intensity beams of light. These beams break up the ink pigments into tiny particles to be later absorbed by the body. Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive, effective way to remove unwanted tattoos from any part of the body.

Removing a tattoo requires more laser sessions than it takes to get it on your body. There is no standard number of sessions for laser tattoo removal. Your dermatologist will plan your sessions according to the following:

  • Depth of the ink on your body
  • Number of colours used
  • Size of your tattoo
  • Colour of your skin
  • Location of the tattoo on your body

Generally, tattoos in black or darker ink are easier to remove because these colours absorb all the wavelengths of light.

During the procedure, your dermatologist or tattoo removal expert directs the laser light onto the tattoo after setting the device to a wavelength that suits the ink colour. For example, black absorbs laser light in the colour spectrum, but white retracts it. Warmer red, blue, and green tones can require more sessions than black ink.

Here’s what you should know about the number of sessions and your tattoo colour:

  • Darker ink absorbs more laser energy and hence requires more sessions.
  • Light-coloured inks require fewer sessions because they are easier to treat.
  • Large tattoos take more time and hence need more sessions.
  • Tattoos on thick-skinned areas like the back or chest are easier to remove than those on thin-skinned areas like the ankles and wrists.

In case you are planning to remove a body tattoo, you need to be well-prepared about what to expect during your procedure.

What Happens During Laser Tattoo Removal: An Exploration

The rule of thumb with tattoo removal is to consult a certified and trained professional to ensure the procedure is done with utmost care. During your first consultation, your dermatologist will assess your tattoo’s size, age, ink colour, and depth before commencing the procedure. This preliminary assessment will help your doctor determine the following:

  • The intensity of the laser beams to be used.
  • Your skin’s reaction to the laser
  • The most suitable energy for the treatment

When the session begins, you will be asked to use eye shields to protect your eyes from the laser’s powerful beams. An average session lasts for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. Most people will require an average of six to twelve sessions once every four or eight weeks.

So what really happens during a laser tattoo removal procedure?

The heat of laser beams is used to remove tattoo ink from targeted skin tissues using the "Selective Photothermolysis" method. Here, photo means light, thermo denotes heat, and lysis implies destruction. This is precisely what happens during the process.

During the procedure, the technician passes pulses of light through your top layers of skin that are absorbed only by the tattoo pigment. The laser beams enter your skin and act on the ink particles, breaking them into tinier ones with each session. These fractured particles are naturally removed by your immune system over time. It usually takes six to eight treatments to completely remove a tattoo.

Is the procedure painful? Well, you should expect a bearable degree of pain or discomfort. However, you will not require anaesthesia to numb the pain, but you may ask for a topic anaesthetic to apply beforehand.

Post-Treatment Care: Things You Should Do

The success of your treatment heavily relies on how well you take care of yourself after each session.

  • Apply ice packs to soothe the treated area.
  • Apply an antibiotic cream and cover it to avoid exposure to sunlight.
  • Use good quality sunscreen when you are outside.
  • Clean the treated area with mild soap and water.
  • Continue your sessions until the tattoo is completely removed.

These post-care measures are critical in ensuring optimal results with the procedure. Kindly keep in mind that you will not be able to notice results right after your first session. Your body will take time to absorb the ink particles. Hence, you must wait patiently and attend your sessions diligently to achieve the best results.

Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

Laser tattoo removal has debunked the myth that tattoos are permanent. You no longer have to wear tattoos that don’t suit your body or skin. This procedure is immensely popular because of several beneficial reasons:

  • It is non-invasive. Hence there are no major surgery-like complications.
  • The laser removes the tattoo without affecting the surrounding skin.
  • Safer and deeper-penetrating materials are used to remove stubborn inks.
  • Suitable for every skin tone, colour, and skin type.
  • Absolutely no downtime.
  • Laser treatments are tailored to the skin's colour so that different ink colours are gradually removed.

Visit AKJ Skin & Laser Clinic, Chennai

You no longer have to worry about those unwanted tattoos on your body. Talk to your dermatologist or a certified laser technician to work out a plan that suits you. AKJ Skin and Laser Clinic in Chennai is a top destination for laser tattoo removal. Fix an appointment with our professionals to work out a customised treatment plan. Say goodbye to your tattoo with our expertise.

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